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At this time of year, we like to look back over the last 12 months and review what a wonderful time it has been for the human race with … er…. well there was … um  .. and then we had …yes ….

Actually, various politicians, North Korea, the obsession about Brexit, Sunderland being relegated, a hugely disappointing Arcade Fire album notwithstanding, there have been some positives this year. Mugabe going, Saudi Arabia maybe showing signs of liberalisation, other African and developing countries making strong economic progress, and stupid evil blokes being exposed were among the positives.

So, in our own review of 2017, we’ll be looking back at Spend Matters over the year during the next couple of weeks, with some of our favourite articles, and a reminder over the next few days of the various briefing papers we published through the year.

Let’s start today with our publications in conjunction with riskmethods, risk management platform providers. And we’re talking no less than six items here as we produced five short (2-page) briefing notes around key supply chain risk topics, plus a longer paper. You can download any of these, free on registration, by following the links.

The Most Effective Ways to Mitigate Supplier Financial Risk

Corporate Image & Compliance at Risk: How to Mitigate the Hidden Risks Lurking in Your Supply Chain

Natural Disasters – How to Mitigate Unavoidable Risks: Supply Chain Risk Briefing

“Man-Made” Risk – Different Risks Require Thoughtful Strategies: Supply Chain Risk Briefing

Geo-political Risk – An Informed Global View Is Essential: Supply Chain Risk Briefing

We also produced a longer paper focused on n-tier risk visibility – what might be going on in your supply chain beyond the prime contracts and first-tier providers. Where might there be other criticalities – and what can you do to be aware of the risks that lie hidden below the surface, like a slumbering crocodile in the depths (or that huge scary shrimp thing in the Blue Planet TV series that burrows into the sea floor, then …. did you see that!!??)

Risk is a huge topic and it has been good to work with riskmethods this year – their product is very impressive, although as always, we would stress it's not the only risk game in town. But it is a very cool solution and can be implemented very quickly, another key positive. You might also like our webinar with the firm and their client Acushnet, which owns Titleist amongst other brands - their story is genuinely interesting as well as enlightening if you are looking at your own global risk management situation.

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