Best albums of 2010 part 1: just missed the top 20

Over the next five days, we're going to feature our top music of 2010.  After today, we'll have 5 albums a day leading up to our top 5 on Christmas Eve.  But we'll start today with a few that just missed out on our top 20.

Los Campesinos Romance is Boring; I feel guilty leaving this out as I love the band.  But at times this was just a little too intense for me.  Can they keep the passion but just loosen up and have a bit more fun next time (as they seemed to in their early days?)

Foals Total life forever;  Almost got into the top twenty purely for Spanish  Sahara, one of the best tracks of the year.  But the whole album just missed out; good indie / dance stuff, but some tracks just a little ordinary.

Cherry Ghost Beneath this burning shoreline; Unlike the Foals, this just missed out for the lack of a standout track such as the gorgeous Mathematics from their previous (debut) album.  But it still an album full of complex but listener-friendly songs which would appeal to fans of bands like Elbow.

Kings of Leon Come around sundown; You know, listening to it again, it is not a bad album.  Just a big disappointment to long time fans as it appears to confirm a downward trend to stadium rock and away from the raw or quirky stuff of early albums.

Caitlin Rose Own side now; The country album all the critics said it was OK to like. Honest, perceptive lyrics and top tunes make this a hit with those who wouldn't normally touch Nashville with a ten-gallon hat.

Teenage Fanclub Shadows;   No huge changes from the Fannies on their (unbelievably) tenth album.  Just another album of well-crafted, guitar driven pop / rock  songs, with one timeless  classic in 'When I still have thee'.

Teenage Fanclub - When I Still Have Thee found on Pop

Caribou Swim; A big critics favourite; a little too 'dance' for me, but strong tunes, lots going on in the instrumentation.  May well spend my Xmas iTunes voucher on this and suspect it will grow on me.

Phosphorescent Here's to taking it easy; thoughtful alt-country, in a similar vein to Uncle Tupelo,  Whiskeytown etc (but better than anything Ryan Adams has done for a while).

Lauren Pritchard Wasted in Jackson; one of many good female debutants this year in the country / blues / soul / pop / folk space.  Great voice, strong songs.

Courteeners Falcon;   In a poor year for British indie, the Courteeners showed songwriting development whilst retaining their energy in their second album.

Kissaway Trail Sleep Mountain; best Danish album of the year?  Think Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips.

Husky Rescue Ship of Light; best Finnish album of the year...? OK, it was the only Finnish album I heard this year.  Icy dance pop with seductive female vocals...

Beach House Teen Dream; again, it is in lots of the best of lists, and it is interesting.  Woozy, quite minimalist dreamy, hypnotic songs from boy-girl duo.  I didn't quite 'get' XX to begin with and grew to like it a lot.  This may be similar.

Warpaint The Fool; hippy chicks, atmospheric West Coast sound..think I might be getting this for Christmas...!

Tomorrow we count down numbers 20 to 16..

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