Gauthier – our favourite restaurant in London

We're not going to become food bloggers here; the concept of taking photos of my Scallops before eating them seems a bit weird.. but as a change from our weekend music musings, we have a restaurant feature today.

Continuing my winning streak (see here..), we won the Gauthier restaurant 1 year anniversary customer competition, by suggesting ways in which they could improve even further! So here's  a picture of me with Alexis Gauthier, getting a copy of their anniversary book. We were delighted because Gauthier has quickly established itself as our favourite restaurant in London.

As I say, I'm not a food reviewer so I won't go on about the scallops (their procurement skills are obviously excellent, because the raw materials are top class), the multiplicity of delicious home made bread, the risottos (a house specialty and just perfect) - or the Louis XV dark chocolate dessert which is just... really, you have to go and try it.  Portions are fairly small, so you feel comfortable not stuffed at the end of the meal, the style is quite light, but there's an emphasis on true flavours; it is complex cooking at times but never intimidatingly rich or weird (unlike certain other chefs..)

The wine list is really interesting; this week we tried a Lebanese white and a Giardini Arimei - an Italian dessert wine that seemed to be both sweet and bitter at the same time - excellent.  (They also run a wine mail order business -  perfect for that unusual birthday present for the wine-lover in your family!) The sommelier is a star, and the service in general is very 'proper' and efficient but friendly.

So no more attempts at describing flavours; but given our largely procurement readership, I had to feature the value for money. Their lunch or pre-theatre menu is £25 - or £33 with a half bottle of very good wine (you get a choice).  For that, you get three courses of Michelin starred food, with a choice of 3 or 4 dishes at each stage, and it is the full quality - I've had the 'set lunch' at top restaurants where it is obviously a poor relation to the a la carte, not the case here. You also get the pre-meal nibbles, a 'pre-starter', a pre-dessert desserty thing (I'm sure there's a technical term I'm missing here), free mineral water, amazing breads.... it feels more like a 5 course than a three course meal. And the two of you can have that, with an excellent a bottle of wine, and all for about £75 including a decent tip. As a treat, I cannot think of a better way of spending £75.

This is top quality cooking, and great value for money.  Credit also to them for not increasing prices when their Michelin star came though earlier this year - I've seen other restaurants where that led to an instant 20% price hike! So take your partner, your best friend, your key supplier - they also have some (fairly small) rooms for private dinners. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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