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Here's our Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up from Sheena Moore...

It’s been an exciting week here at Spend Matters for Jason (and, ahem, me, all alone in the office...), who spent a couple days at Forrester’s Sourcing Forum Dispatch here in Chicago. Here are some ideas and strategies he picked up from the event:

Forrester Sourcing Forum Dispatch: Transforming IT Sourcing in the Cloud (Part 1)

Forrester Sourcing Forum Dispatch: Learning From Cisco’s Global Procurement Transformation (Part 1)

Look for further coverage next week (including a really interesting piece on how AstraZeneca was able to save billions in total spend over a three year period).

In other news, we had some very well read guests posts by both Spend Matters sponsor NPI Financial and regular contributor Lynn James Everard. NPI discusses the recent rate hikes in UPS and FedEx and how they’ll affect the supply chain, while Lynn talks about healthcare reform and the laws of supply and demand.

Finally, Jason did an interesting little piece on how Inventory Should Not Always Be the Enemy. In today’s times, “it's critical for everyone in the sourcing and procurement world to better understand the impact of inventory and lead-times.”

Passer un bon weekend, tout le monde!

-- Sheena Moore

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