Best Wishes for Christmas and the Holidays from Spend Matters!

Christmas Eve - a time for celebration, for families, for desperately searching for the sticky tape and scissors and thinking "oh my goodness, I forgot to buy Aunt Edna's bath salts"!

So we won't be doing much reporting here for the next few days unless something remarkable happens in the procurement world. However, we will start our music review of the year over the weekend, and we will be running our top 30 albums of the year feature from Monday through to Thursday with our top 5 published on December 31st. There will also be a few more conventional articles too between Christmas and New Year.

Anyway, we wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and holiday season. And particular good wishes for everyone who is working over the holidays. We should be grateful that our profession is not one of those that is particularly susceptible to unpleasant working hours and be thankful to everyone who keeps essential services going at this time of year - not forgetting people working in areas such as leisure, media and many other sectors where standard holidays don't particularly apply.

See you next week!

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