Bid Optimization and Corporate Strategy and…is the PO dead???

[Hi everyone, it's Sydney, the new Spend Matters editor. Sheena is currently headed to what I believe you Brits term the "Hen Party" so I've taken over her column this week].

Pierre got at least one “amen” from the fine upstanding public on Twitter.

What do bid optimization and corporate strategy have in common? Pierre Mitchell asked in a post. His stance was that “sourcing optimization is about optimizing the sourcing process strategically, not the combinatorial optimization of supplier bids. Don’t throw out the best practice based philosophy, methodology, and techniques because of an advanced technology tool. Can I get an amen please?

“Is the PO dead or is it ‘mostly dead’?”

Jason Busch takes a close look at Tom Linton’s proposal to eliminate purchasing orders (POs) entirely. Linton is known for contrarian, innovative ideas, and the pros and cons around eliminating the PO are worth debating. Is the PO a “necessary evil” or is it symptomatic of an unhealthy procurement, finance, and supply chain atmosphere?

A note to new CPOs: Start in the finance, sales, and marketing departments, not procurement. Read on to find out why.

Over on Spend Matters PRO, we have a full sourcing product review and analysis of Coupa 10.

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