BIS launch ‘Winning the Contract” (and it’s free!)

BIS (come on, keep up at the back there, used to be BERR, used to be DTi, used to be DPEI...anyway, Department of Business Innovation and Skills)  have re-launched an on-line training package for small businesses who want to sell to public sector organisations - "Winning the Contract". OGC through their 'Access for All' initiative, which seeks to encourage smaller organisations to compete for public sector contracts,  also contributed to development of the package.

As I had some involvement in developing the material, I won't comment on how perceptive, useful and relevant it is - but I will say one thing.  IT IS FREE!  Yes, something for nothing from the Government; can't be bad. (The previous version cost £50 which not surprisingly acted as a brake on it use by small firms).

Seriously, if you are interested in understanding public procurement with a view to selling to the sector; or indeed if you're a procurement person thinking of a move into the public sector, it is a useful primer on public procurement contracting processes, issues and regulations.

The course can be accessed here.

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