We blow our music credibility sky high

We saw Elbow at the London O2 arena last week - excellent. Guy Garvey has a way of talking to 12,000 people that feels like its about 120.

But the real surprise was the support, The Villagers. We saw them at Reading Festival lat year in the smallest tent last year and they were great - their lead singer / somgwriter Conor O'Brien is a very shy but intense performer - you can't take your eyes off him.  And the album fully deserved to be shortlisted for the Mercury Prize last year. But I didn't think this intensity and the unusual folk-influenced music would translate to the big stage.  But it did, brilliantly. With a beefed up, somewhat heavier sound, the songs came through even better, and he owned the stage, as they say. You could actually imagine them headlining the O2 themselves in a few years. You heard it here first...

Now the credibility goes...  This is the best series ever of Americal Idol.  9 contenders left in, and I reckon 7 will have a decent career in music, and 4 or 5 are outstanding and would have won comfortably in some years' competitions. Now, I'm a bit of a secret country music fan; so here are 16 year old Lauren and 17 year old Scotty - non-professional kids - with a performance that could have come from two 30-year veterans headlining for the 27th time at the grand ole Opry...

OK, credibility destroyed! But I love it...

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  1. Alan:

    You wanna claim loss of credibility!! As I walked under the Westway the other day I remarked that I thought I had at least two tracks on vinyl (aiming for cred here) that mentioned the Westway. London’s Burning is reasonably cool (I think the Clash still are/is) but the other ?!?!?

    First to guess wins a beer under the WW.

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