Booz and Kearney to merge? UK implications

Press coverage last week focused on a potential merger between Booz and Co and A.T. Kearney.

Jason has covered it in detail here, but in terms of their presence in the  UK procurement and supply chain market,  it feels like a potentially positive move.  Neither firm appears to have the scale of, say, an Accenture or  Deloittes, and while both have decent reputations, coming together would I suspect move them up to the 'top tier' of potential providers when larger customers are looking to award substantial assignments in the procurement space.

ATK have a strong reputation for category management and procurement cost reduction programmes; indeed, they would claim to be one of the founding fathers in this area;  "the firm invented strategic sourcing", as their website claims.

Booz and Co I know less well; although it was interesting to see how well they did in the recent Buying Solutions consulting services framework.  They were successful in winning places on 4 key 'lots', including procurement , while other large firms (particularly Accenture, KPMG and PWC) did surprisingly badly.  ATK are listed for the two specialist Health sector lots but not for procurement.

Despite their presence on these lots, I haven't seen Booz taking a very high profile in public sector - but perhaps that's because they work at a pretty strategic level, away from my less exalted eyes....

Anyway (shameless plug alert), some of the reasons why the consulting market may be in for a period of consolidation are discussed in our new book, available here and in stock now!   The industry future sections were written by my co-author so I can honestly say I found her analysis very interesting.  As Fiona says in the book, "Only a few large firms will have the scale, global reach and brand recognition to handle the largest projects".  Maybe this is what ATK and Booz have realised?

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