BravoSolution Real World Sourcing – Measuring Procurement’s Performance

On Wednesday I led the latest in our BravoSolution  Real World Sourcing Series - this time the topic was "Measuring Procurement's Performance". Thanks to Guy Allen, my collaborator on this, everyone who came along and to BravoSolution as always for organising and supporting the event.

We spent most of the time discussing (with plenty of audience involvement) measurement and capture of procurement savings, but really this is such a fundamental issue, we got into a whole range of fascinating questions for procurement people, organisations and the profession generally.

For instance:

  • Should we be aiming to get away from savings as a measure of our success -  or perhaps at least as the key measure of procurement performance?
  • How do we make sure whatever measures we use reflect accurately what the organisation expects from procurement?
  • Is the ultimate measure of procurement's success effective supplier performance?

Pretty fundamental questions, eh?

So more next week on the session, and we'll have links to the slides as well shortly. Along with the slides, you will be able to take the "test" related to the material, and perhaps qualify for a place at our celebration dinner in December, where the people with the top ten results over the whole series will hear who has won the BravoSolution education scholarship, worth £2,500. (More details here).

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