BravoConnect in Madrid, October 17th / 18th – Why Should You Attend?

We told you here about the amazing week of October 16th when there is a considerable choice of exciting conferences for the  procurement cognoscenti. So to help you decide which to attend, today we will tell you a little about the BravoSolution Connect event, to be held in Madrid on October 17th and 18th.  I’ll be there, if that helps you decide whether or not to come …

The firm’s events have always been very good in our experience, well organised and professional. But while the hospitality is always good, we expect the event to be focused very much on being really useful for customers and prospective customers. There is a lot going on at BravoSolution, with their move to becoming a full source-to-pay suite provider well under way, so for their customers, we’d suggest this is an important event to understand direction, next steps and what it means for you.

The usual format for Bravo events (based on the last three or four we’ve attended) is that there are one or two non-procurement specific guest speakers, to add something different, plus senior Bravo folk to give updates on the firm. But these tend to be product and customer-centric, rather than the “look how great we are” we sometimes get from CEOs at this sort of event! Then expect lots of sessions led by Bravo experts and customers, talking about real experiences and tips to help other users of the product.

That seems to be the way this year’s event will go, looking at the agenda. We have a keynote from Ron Kaufman, Founder & Chairman of UP! Your Service, who is ”the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures”.

There’s also a procurement-focused keynote from Mélani Flores of The Hackett Group, titled “Digital Transformation: Applying The Hackett Group Digital Framework to Procurement Transformation”. Bravo’s CEO Jim Wetekamp is speaking of course, then we have customer-led sessions from executives representing WPP, Rockwool Group, Galp Energia and more.

Indeed, there is a very cosmopolitan feel to the agenda as you might expect from the firm, which is an international in its outlook and customer base as anyone in our procurement software space.

Now we would be remiss if we did not mention that Tottenham are playing Real Madrid at the Bernabéu on that Tuesday night! I’m sure that was not known or expected when the event was booked. But of course you should not attend the conference just so you can sneak out and buy a ticket from the touts! We wouldn’t dream of doing that, no sir, certainly not …

Anyway, more details are here, and there is no event charge for procurement practitioners.

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