BravoSolution Acquires Puridiom

Today, BravoSolution announced the acquisition of Puridiom, a privately-held company of on-demand procurement and AP solutions.  Puridiom, founded in 1983, “has deep experience in eProcurement solutions, with over 30 years supporting the procurement processes of small and large organisations”. As both are private firms, the purchase price was not disclosed.

This is a strategically important buy for BravoSolution. The Puridiom product is being immediately slotted into the BravoSolution portfolio, filling out the offering into a full “source to pay” offering. BravoSolution took some steps towards this over the past year or so, when Verian developed some modules in this area which then became part of BravoSolution’s range.

However, when Basware acquired Verian a few months back, it seemed clear that was not going to be a long-term solution, so making an appropriate acquisition became a priority for Jim Wetekamp and the team. Effective immediately, Puridiom will be fully integrated into BravoSolution and its products will become part of the BravoAdvantage solution suite.

We’ll have more about the deal tomorrow, and take a more detailed look at what it means for BravoSolution and its customers.

For now, more details and the full press release can be viewed here.

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