BravoSolution – Procurement Predictions for 2016

I tend to avoid the “predictions for procurement” game because I just have a feeling it would be the same things I’ve been saying for years ... more technology, value not savings and so on. So I’m a bit cynical about the various lists that come out this time of year. However, every now and again you get something worth reading, and I was pleasantly surprised by the short paper issued by BravoSolution 2016 Predictions – What’s Next for Procurement?”

It’s a nice, short two-page document that picks up ten points from different senior executives around the firm, from a number of different countries. And it is a very good, to the point and thought-provoking. Key points include data, supplier relationships and innovation capture, and the need for “savings” to be real – a long-standing favourite topic of ours too.

Here is CEO Jim Wetekamp’s contribution to the paper; do read the whole thing here.

2016 is the Year of the When and the Where

2016 is where we trade the term negotiate with the term collaborate. It is when evaluators evolve to stakeholders. It is where we move from one-time savings initiatives to renewable value. It is when we exchange the term contract for relationship. It is a year where suppliers help better understand customers instead of vice versa – suppliers become a source of innovation in our supply chain that can impact our customers positively.

It is when risk will finally meet reward and organizations will develop mature approaches to balancing the two. It is when organizations learn that smart people without enabling tools are shackled dreamers and enabling tools without smart people is an unrealized asset.

– Jim Wetekamp, Chief Executive Office

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