BravoSolution Real World Procurement Coming Soon – Proving Your Procurement Value

We’re getting close to our final Real World Procurement session of the year, courtesy of BravoSolution. On November 30th at Smith and Wollensky off the Strand in London, it’s my turn to lead and we can honestly say this is a really fundamentally important topic – Proving Your Procurement Value.

Let’s go through the logical flow that we are going to explore on the day.

First of all, we need to understand how procurement adds value to the organisation. Sounds simple, but how many procurement leaders really understand that? There are common themes, but the answer will be different for every organisation, and the starting point is to understand your organisation’s strategy, aims and objectives. In the private sector, it is also key to understand competitive advantage, and we will be going into that too.

Once that analysis is complete, we can define just how we are going to add value, and what measures might be used to show we are achieving that – it is not just about cost reduction in most situations and for most organisations.

We then have to track and monitor the results of procurement activity – not as easy as it sounds, and we would argue that this has been a weakness for many procurement organisations. That in turn can lead to a credibility problem for the function with senior colleagues. Measuring and reporting on the value created is then the logical next step, and again this is critical. We will talk about some of the metrics commonly used, and critique certain examples that we find particularly useless!

The final element of our session will look at marketing the procurement function. Once we have successfully followed this process though, how can we learn from some of the approaches and ideas used by our marketing colleagues? Such ideas can help us communicate and persuade – but of course you can only market something that has real value, so delivery must come before marketing.

So, that is a very condensed run-through of the agenda. It is a key subject, and as we’ve said before, if you can’t prove your value, really everything else you do is wasted to some extent.

As usual, it will be an interactive session followed by Q&A over a more than decent networking lunch. Tickets are reasonably priced; and CIPS members can get 50% off the fee by emailing with your CIPS Membership Number to receive your discount code. Or you can book directly here .

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