BravoSolution Real World Procurement Webinar – Atkinson on SRM Skills

Next Tuesday (26th) you can participate in the latest of the BravoSolution Real World Procurement webinars. It is titled Supplier Relationship and Value Management: Does your organisation have what it takes? This is the second in what is effectively a two-parter from David Atkinson on the topic of supplier relationship management (SRM).

We won’t go on again about how knowledgeable and expert he is in this field, and how well he communicates that expertise. (But he is and he really does.) David had a successful career as a practitioner, latterly with Rolls-Royce, and has been working as a trainer, consultant and educator for some years now, with SRM as his prime area of expertise.

In his last webinar, still available here if you want to catch up with that, he addressed how to develop a strategy for an SRM programme, and provided an overview of the SRM methodology. This time, he is focusing very much on the challenge of ensuring an organisation has the necessary skills and capacity to effectively implement an SRM programme and secure the value improvement benefits that can result.

This takes us straight into some very interesting areas in terms of the future of procurement actually, as it suggests a role for procurement professionals of “educator and coach” as he puts it, taking our colleagues along with us as we manage supplier relationships to drive value. That means the strategic competences needed by the procurement people involved are very different from those historical competences we might have once seen in the function (around process management and legal contract knowledge for instance).

But what is needed is not limited to what we might think of as the “softer” skills involved in developing relationships, important though they are. Atkinson talks for instance about the need to develop a deep understanding of change management, which is a whole discipline in its own right these days.

We don’t want to steal his thunder too much in advance of the session, but we’ve seen his presentation and can guarantee it will be thought-provoking as well as providing some practical tools and models that will be useful for anyone going through that SRM journey.

If you have any interest in the topic, this will be 45 minutes well spent; you can register here, with two repeated sessions at 12 noon and 7pm UK time – the evening session is designed primarily for the US audience. Although if you are in the UK and choose that one it will remove the temptation to watch Emmerdale …

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