BravoSolution Real World Procurement Webinar – Driving Value from your Sourcing Process

This Wednesday April 27th, Guy Allen, ex CPO and Managing Director of Real World Procurement, will be leading two webinars on the end-to-end sourcing process and how to drive value from it. If you missed the live performance last week, then this is an opportunity to hear the key details again. This is a live webinar so there will be ample chance to ask some direct questions of Guy.

The webinar will give a "refresher" of the key elements and issues linked to the sourcing process. That will include the use of specialised sourcing techniques, such as eAuctions and market-informed sourcing or optimisation, and discuss when those might be appropriate and useful. It will then focus on the issue of competition in sourcing, which is fundamental to successful sourcing, looking at innovative ways in which buyers can identify the best range of potential suppliers to achieve strong competition, and then maintain competitive pressure throughout the sourcing process. We wrote an article on this subject following the live session on our public sector site, but the issues apply to public and private sectors alike: Maintaining Competitive Pressure Through the Procurement Process.

As we said: "One of his key points was that procurement often reduces competition too quickly as we move through the procurement process. So in public sector terms, those stages might include a pre-qualification process, then a tender resulting in a preferred bidder and contract award. In procedures such as Competitive Dialogue and the new Competitive Procedure with Negotiation, there may be multiple stages that gradually reduce the number of potential suppliers who remain in the frame to win the work. The issue Guy raised of maintaining competition for as long as possible absolutely applies in the public sector environment. But the challenging aspect of this is exactly how to best balance two different aspects of the process."

Guy will talk about the ways to retain competitive pressure, essential since many organisations are often too quick to reduce bidder numbers, leaving them vulnerable, but equally you cannot keep too many suppliers in the process for too long. So it's how to balance the timing that's crucial.

You can Register here for the webinars on the BravoSolution website -- one is suitable for Europe, the Middle East & Africa at 10 am GMT and the other suitable for the Americas at 11 am EST. Slides from the previous session are available here for you to download. We hope to hear from you on wednesday for some interesting discussion.

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