BravoSolution Real World Procurement Webinars – Back For 2018

Yes, they’re back again for 2018 – the BravoSolution Real World Procurement series of expert webinars, and you can register for them now through that link. There are currently six planned, with David Atkinson and our own Peter Smith back again, along with Kelly Barner, of Buyers Meeting Point fame. She is someone whose views on key procurement issues are always worth reading, and as BravoSolution tells us:

“Her unique perspective on supply management is based on her time as a practitioner, a consultant at a solution provider, and now as an independent thought leader. Kelly has led projects involving members of procurement, supplier and purchasing teams and has practical skills in strategic sourcing program design and management, opportunity assessment, knowledge management, and custom taxonomy design”.

We’re not sure what “custom taxonomy design” means exactly, I'm sure we'll find out, but her first webinar on March 13th sounds very interesting - “Breaking Through the Tech Hype” will enlighten us around issues such as Blockchain and machine learning and their impact on the procurement world.

But before then, on February 13th, Peter Smith will be discussing “What Do I Need to Know About My Suppliers”? “Supplier management” means so many different things to different people these days, so Peter aims to provide some thoughts, structure and tools to help work out just what it is that organisations need to know about suppliers. That differs of course by supplier type, so segmentation will feature as a key issue here.

The information required varies from basic factual data, to regulatory-related information to detailed performance data for suppliers engaged in the more important activities and contracts. And it is not just a case of identifying what is needed - you have to work out how to actually get hold of it too.

This year, we are only running the sessions once, unlike the 2017 approach when we repeated the webinar in the evening for the US audience. So the timing has changed and it is now 4pm GMT, which is also 11am EST (New York etc).  So you can book your place here - free of course.


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