BravoSolution Real World Procurement – And The Winner Is …

Last night we had the BravoSolution Real World Procurement end-of-year dinner for the delegates who scored highest in our very taxing quizzes relating to the 6 sessions that Guy Allen and I ran through 2016.

It was held in a private dining room at the top of the Gherkin in London, which has truly amazing 360 degree views  around the greatest city in the history of the world – 21st Century London.


The food, courtesy of Searcy’s, was very good too.

As well as my stunningly underprepared speech, we had a bit of impromptu magic from Conor Glasman, who by day works for Bravo and by night is an amazing magic circle approved magician! He was brilliant, stunning us with inexplicable card tricks.

And the other star of the evening was Michael Rumboll of Southern Water, who won the BravoSolution £2500 scholarship. In a very good thank you speech, he said he would use it for training and development for his team – a deserving recipient and we’re sure the money will be well spent.

Failing to find any pubs open beyond 1130, it was a reasonably sober night, as we sent Michael off on the tube with his GIANT cheque.. we hope he made it home!

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First Voice

  1. Michael Rumboll:

    Thanks Peter. I can confirm that I did make it home, albeit with a with a few strange looks on the way. It was a great end to a fantastic run of sessions.

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