BravoSolution Real World Sourcing – the CPO’s first 100 days

Guy Allen presented the final session in the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing series last week, aiming to give a little guidance to those starting a new CPO role. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, as I’ve been suffering from a bug and I didn’t think Guy and the audience would appreciate regular coughing fits interrupting the words of wisdom… So instead of a review from me, my informant has contributed this.

“Guy suggested the preparation for your new role starts even before accepting the role, making sure you understand what the expectations of the position are and making sure they are achievable. I guess this comes under the heading of 'make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for'!

He then moved on to propose an action plan for the first 90 days, going through a number of topics from meeting stakeholders, understanding the spend and winning hearts and minds. Many of the concepts from previous sessions were referenced, with the culmination in the final 10 days of producing a Strategic Proposal for board approval to gain the mandate needed for the changes required, or (dare I say, given the recent Spend Matters discussions) for the “transformation” planned.

Having gone throughout the tasks of the first 100 days, Guy then discussed the personal style and approach you might take in your new role (editor’s note - see the search4 procurement blog last week about the advantages new boy or girl has and should take advantage of in a new role).

Finally under the heading of 'We asked newly appointed CPO's what are their top 5 priorities....' Guy invited the audience to take part in possibly the first ever Procurement themed game of 'Family Fortunes'. (Editor’s note – REALLY upset I missed that!)

As usual Guy interspersed his pitch with plenty of real life anecdotes, bringing the session to life and deliberately offering some contentious views that got the audience engaged in a good heated debate. It’s difficult to translate that to paper - you really needed to be there!”


And on that note -  we are delighted to announce that there will be a 2013 series of Real World Sourcing events, hosted again by Guy Allen and Peter Smith and supported by the lovely people at BravoSolution. This year’s sessions all sold out and the delegate feedback has been really positive - so make sure you book up for the new series which will be launched in the next few weeks.

Finally, the slides from last week’s session are available here on registration.

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  1. Guy Allen:

    Many thanks for your kind comments. Peter and I are still finalising the syllabus for next year, but I promise you that if I am running the final session of the year, it will include some kind of cheesy 1970’s/80’s quiz show format.

    I am sure Peter will make the same commitment if he is doing the last session in 2013 🙂

  2. The Guitar Man:

    Alos reminded me that back in the time we had Public Sector staff events, I ran a version of The Price is Right where contestants were invited to pitch at the price we (as an organisation) paid for various goods and services. Also worked well, enaged the audience and I thought that I made a great Leslie Crowther! Come on Down!

  3. The Guitar Man:

    Now looking forwrad to Guy’s (and Peter’s) version of Celebrity Squares and The Golden Shot!

  4. Phoenix:

    It was a pity you missed it. The Family Fortunes thing really worked.

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