BravoSolution Real World Sourcing end of term dinner

Pic winner 2013Last night saw the ‘end of term’ dinner for the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing 2013 programme. The ten lucky – no sorry, talented people, who had each attended at least 3 sessions and come top in the post-session quizzes that we produced for each one, had an excellent dinner to celebrate. Also there obviously were key members of BravoSolution’s marketing team, along with Guy Allen, who shared the burden of producing and delivering the material with me.

It was an excellent night at the Wolseley restaurant on Piccadilly. Discussion started with an analysis of post neo-classical endogenous growth theory led by our friends from Rexam packaging. Our representative from the Utilities industry brought the discussion round to how economy of scale curves can be combined with personal utility preferences to indicate potential routes for strategic value extraction. We had a good laugh about that, I can tell you!

After a quick chat about the recent Turner Prize winner – quelle surprise - I’m afraid the level of conversation sank a little – some rather scurrilous stories about Plato, and a frankly unsavoury bit of gossip about the Bloomsbury Set’s bathing habits! But fun was had by all...

OK, OK, not exactly like that then. A bit jollier and a certain quantity of wine was consumed. But as well as celebrating the programme generally, the most important part of the evening was the announcement of the winner of the BravoSolution £2,500 scholarship for the overall winner – to be spent on educational or training activities.

And the winner was Els Michiels of Rexam, so very well done to her and to everyone who took part in the sessions this year. We really enjoy running them, and it has been a real pleasure to meet so many people through them and to get generally good feedback.

So I’m also delighted to say we will be running a new series of 6 briefings through 2014 – watch this space for more information and booking details very soon!

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