BravoSolution Real World Sourcing – slides available from contract management session

I’m afraid Guy Allen and I have a sad announcements make – after recent events (see the Telegraph report here - please do click, it is worthwhile!) we may not be able to bring the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing events to Saudi Arabia in 2014. The result might be all too predictable..

However,  you can now download the slides from last week’s session – “Generating real value from your contracts” which was, perhaps not surprisingly, all about certain aspects of contract management.

We looked at why procurement should take the lead on contract management, and how to start building a business case for doing so (it’s all about risk and opportunity...) We then considered just what activities should go into a strong contract management programme, and considered the difference between contract and supplier management.

But coming back to the question of procurement’s role in all this, we’re not suggesting of course that procurement can execute every aspect of contract management within the organisation – that would be impossible. It needs to be more of  leadership, co-ordination and governance role.

So we have defined five areas where we believe procurement can and should take a lead. As we say in one of the slides –

“Procurement cannot own every contract in a detailed hands-on manner.

But there are 5 key areas of overarching responsibility around contract management where a CPO can take ownership to drive better performance.

       Governance and programme management

       Defining best practices and processes

       Developing appropriate organizational skills and capabilities

       Driving initial and constant visibility

       Tools and technology”

That’s a taster really for the full slide pack – you can download the whole lot here (free on registration).

And don’t forget, if you are registered on the BravoSolution Education Network (all delegates are registered) you can also take the “test” as well – 15 straightforward multiple choice questions based on the material I presented (and in the slides).  Bravo are offering a scholarship worth £2500 to whoever scores the best marks through the series ( and has attended at least 3 sessions), and the top 10 at the end of 2013 will be invited to a special end of the series dinner, where the overall winner will be announced.

Finally, don’t forget you can still book for the remaining 2013 sessions here. The next is on Wednesday May 22nd when Guy Allen will be talking about Effective Supplier Relationship Management.

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