BravoSolution Webinar – Creating Transparency in the Supply Chain to Reduce Risk

The next event in the BravoSolution Real World Procurement webinar series is just two weeks away on August 29th (which is just about as the holiday season draws to a close - the UK bank holiday is the 28th).

The presenter is Professor Robert Handfield, a distinguished expert, writer and academic in the procurement and supply chain field.

He is going to be talking about “Creating Transparency in the Supply Chain to Reduce Risk”. It is a hot topic as regular readers here will know, as we have been talking about the various types of supply chain risk regularly in recent months.

This is becoming a core element of the procurement functional responsibilities, or it should be; it is all very well creating value through efficiency, supplier innovation, consolidation and leverage but if we don’t consider the risks arising from our suppliers and supply chains, then we are only really looking at one side of the external resource balance sheet. (Value on one side; risk on the other.)

So, Handfield will be covering these areas and more:

  • How can companies begin to understand supply chain risks in the form of human and labour rights violation, transparency, and environmental issues?
  • How to drive federated policies that include common operating procedures, established standards, driving aligned supply chain processes and tacit understanding of how things work.
  • How can procurement work with stakeholders to create shared values around working conditions and embed them in the supply base?
  • How will creation of full transparency into operations across the extended enterprise impact our supply chain human resource policies?

His webinars always have plenty of relevant information and ideas, so why not ease yourself back into the post-holiday maelstrom of work by signing up for this now? It is repeated twice during the day; at 12 noon UK time for the European audience and again at 7pm UK time, which is 2pm US east coast, 11 am west coast for (yes, you’ve guessed it) the US audience.

You can register here, free of charge of course.

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