BravoSolution Webinar – Professor Handfield on Supplier Innovation

We mentioned here the 2017 BravoSolution Real World Procurement webinar series which features four veritable giants of the procurement world – our own Peter Smith, Guy Allen, David Atkinson and Professor Robert Hadfield. (Actually, in the case of Peter and Guy certainly, “giant” is physically inappropriate to say the least). There is a webinar every month and you can look at the session details for the whole year and book here.

The first webinar, Leveraging Supplier Innovation, is on January 31st with two sessions at 12 noon UK time and 2pm US EST (aimed at the US market obviously). It will be presented by Robert Handfield, Executive Director of the Supply Chain Resource Co-Operative, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management, and Consulting Editor of the Journal of Operations Management, one of the leading supply chain management journals in the field. Handfield was also the co-author of the very successful book "The Procurement Value Proposition".

We’ve seen a draft of Handfield’s slides now and can tell you that there is a lot of powerful content that anyone interested in how you get value from suppliers should appreciate. He goes further really than purely “innovation”, touching on a range of what we might call strategic SRM issues.

Whilst there is rigour in his thinking, as you would expect given his eminent background, it doesn’t come over as an overly academic presentation, we should stress. There are implementable ideas and recommendations that should be useful and relevant to practitioners. He will talk about how you identify suppliers who have the potential for innovation – that is critical, as no organisation has enough resource to work with every supplier who might just come up with a good idea one day!

Measurement and reward is another key issue. We’re always amazed at the number of organisations that say they want supplier innovation, but offer no real incentives in terms of gain-share or similar benefits if suppliers do actually deliver. So how do you structure programmes to make sure the suppliers are committed and aligned with your objectives?

Handfield is going to use some case studies too: real stories of firms that have put some of the good ideas into practice. There will also be a chance to put questions to him with plenty of time for discussion after the more formal part of the session. So why not join him – you can book for either session here.

He has also written a excellent article on the topic for BravoSolution ahead of the session - that is also well worth reading and is available here.

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