BravoSolution White Paper on health procurement

We've featured procurement in the health system extensively here over the last couple of weeks, and the implications of GP Commissioning have finally hit the national headlines, some six months after we first started discussing it here. Even national commentators have become procurement experts - see Polly Toynbee for instance.  (She seems to think that EU regulations mean that lowest price bids always win tenders by the way.. or at least it suits her political point to say that)!

So with all this interest, it is timely that BravoSolution have produced a White Paper on health procurementCreating a Best-in-Class NHS Procurement Organisation - Key Enablers to Success.

The paper is focused though chiefly on procurement in provider-type Trusts; it mentions commissioning in passing but it doesn't get into the nuances of GP Commissioning and the changes to come in that arena. It is strong however in giving a view of what best practice procurement looks like, and the benefits that good spend analysis, e-sourcing and contract management can bring in a health environment. And there are some useful and practical suggestions for those wanting to improve performance in those operational areas.

It is available free of charge on registration here.

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