Breaking News – Bernard Gray to be Defence Procurement Chief

The FT reports that Bernard Gray has been appointed Chief of Defence Materiel for the UK Ministry of Defence, a role that includes operational delivery of most of the key procurement activity for MOD, as well as logistics and a whole range of other services and activities in the military space.  This must be one of - perhaps THE - toughest commercial jobs in Europe.  Sorry, make that one of the toughest jobs -  full stop.  As a taxpayer and a citizen defended by the MOD, I wish him all success.

Gray will be Head of the Defence Equipment and Support organisation, taking over from Sir Kevin O'Donoghue, although there is still a Commercial Director role at MOD 'central' Board level, filled by Andrew Manley, currently also moonlighting as Head of Defence Estates.

Gray was the author of a highly critical report into MOD procurement last year and will take up his 4-year appointment on January 4th.  He was a Labour party adviser, but switched allegiance to the Tories before the last election.

My sources tell me he is not well liked within MOD and his report didn't go down well apparently.  Whether you see that as a positive or a negative is a moot point!  Anyway, we'll be featuring a much more substantial Spend Matters view of MOD shortly in response to this week's extensive  Times reporting on MOD procurement.

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