Breaking News! Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary Ian Watmore resigns!

Ian Watmore, Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office has resigned and is leaving at the end of June after just 2 years back in Government, following his even shorter stint as CEO of the Football Association.

He lives in Cheshire still (and does a weekly commute to London) and this seem to be driven by personal factors - he wants to do more non-executive stuff,  work with charities, education bodies, and support his wife who is being ordained as a vicar shortly!

There will be a competition to replace him but Melanie Dawes (?) will be the interim Perm Sec.

More to follow no doubt...

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  1. David Orr:

    Many people forget that when Accenture (formerly Arthur Anndersen) nearly bankrupted the Sainsbury supermarket group with disruptive IT, the chap in charge was Ian Watmore!

    “Sainsbury’s had outsourced its entire IT in a £1.8bn deal with Accenture, then overseen by Ian Watmore. Four years later, its first ever net loss was attributed to supply chain and IT problems.

    Sainsbury’s kicked Accenture out and wrote off £260m IT spend. Bringing its IT back in-house was said to have helped turn the business around. Its management still denounces outsourcing, “unequivocally”.

    Angela Morrison, the woman who kicked Accenture out of Sainsbury’s, had earlier kicked IBM out of Asda, undoing the work our new man Nelson had done in 1997″.

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