Breaking News – Channel Four News feature Outsourcing Horror Video!

Channel Four News (online) has a very good article around public sector outsourcing and some of the issues and implications around it. The theme is that the person in the street has no idea quite how many of the services they receive are actually delivered by the private sector (acting on behalf of the state).

"Do you know who runs your world" is the rather effective title. But they've rather spoilt the feature, you may think, by including a video of some bloke with glasses waffling on about the topic...(towards the end of the article).

Anyway, do take a look via the link above and we'll look at the article in more detail next week.

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  1. David Orr:

    Peter – Your scores:

    Content 10/10
    Clarity of explanations 10/10
    Lack of hesitation & repetition 10/10
    Nice modern & whizzy background 9/10
    (where were you interviewed – hopefully not the shiny HQ of Capita or similar provider or worse still an expensive MOD Office?)
    Graphics 0/10
    Background Music NO = Good

    Great job – Well done.

    Would a studio format with a bit of a boxing match with an outsourcing provider (like G4S or similar) add interest?

    Why not mention NHS next time re boundaries?

    The Channel 4 page has lovely graphics and very good research that is explained well in the narrative.

  2. Verity Smith:

    Brilliant article, really interesting. I’ve forwarded your link on to a lot of public sector colleagues.

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