Breaking News: IBM Acquires Emptoris

See Jason Busch's initial coverage on Spend Matters US below...much more to come!

Earlier this morning, IBM announced they were acquiring Emptoris. Emptoris, for those who do not follow the provider closely, is one of the stronger providers in the e-sourcing, spend analysis, contract management, supplier management and telecom expense management software markets. Yet in certain segments, they've recently slipped in terms of new acquisition rates (as well as the rate of product innovation) relative to largely lower-cost competitors. The main reason for this is that an increasing number of companies have turned more toward wanting quick configurations of sourcing and procurement-related applications relative to the more customized implementations that are a sweet spot for Emptoris.

Still, Emptoris has always topped our shortlist for organizations wanting to make a proper investment in many of the procurement software markets where they compete. With Emptoris, Spend Matters believes that IBM is gaining a tremendous amount of software expertise and capabilities in a fast-growing market sector that is more relevant than ever in a questionable global economy and one where procurement decisions are increasingly impacting the top line -- in bringing products to market more quickly, in enabling expansion into new geographies and in achieving desired social outcomes (e.g., local suppliers, diversity suppliers) -- as much as the bottom line.

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Editor's note (Peter Smith) - blimey, I head off north for 24 hours and while I'm on the M1 we get the biggest news of the year in procurement software markets! So thanks to my esteemed US colleagues (see above) for picking up the story. And Emptoris are big in Europe - around the same revenues here as in the USA. So plenty to look at and think about, and we'll have more here shortly.

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