This is the BBC News – we’ve got a new CPO!

Some good news to start the week as two senior procurement people get well deserved promotions.

Beverley Tew joined the BBC Procurement team in about 2001 as their Finance Manager, moving over from the Finance function to provide some additional financial control and capability.

When the Procurement Director at the time moved on, she was made acting head of the function. Then, to my surprise certainly, she was appointed to that role permanently. I say to my surprise because while she seemed very capable, she was a finance person and appeared to be far too young for such a big role!

Well, maybe there's a picture in the attic to explain the apparent youthfulness, but the other source of doubt – whether someone without a procurement background could be a successful head of function – she set about countering very quickly. And over the years, se's proved to be a very effective leader, with considerable credibility internally in the BBC, and a strong developer of procurement talent in her team.

She gained some additional responsibilities over the years – licence fee collection for instance – and now she's continued on her upward track with a promotion to what seems to be a deputy CFO role for the whole organisation, with responsibility for areas such as financial systems.  And when Tew is Director General in a few years' time, we'll be able to say “she made her name in Procurement, you know!”

That left a vacancy, and I'm delighted to say that Jim Hemmington, who has been at the BBC for many years, is steppping up from his current deputy role (Head of Strategic Contracts) to become CPO for the organisation.

Hemmington's quiet manner conceals a very creative commercial brain and an effective relationship style that works with suppliers, staff and stakeholders. One thing that strikes me about him is whenever I see him at conferences or similar occasions, he is asking questions, rather than telling everyone what a great job he's doing. He has a genuine thirst for information, knowledge and understanding, which is an under-valued trait I think for successful leaders.

Anyway, I'm a fan of BBC procurement, who have done some very innovative things in a difficult stakeholder environment, and both these promotions are well deserved. Many congratulations to Beverley and Jim, and I'm sure they'll both be as successful in their new roles as their previous.

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