Breaking News! Police “Partnering” Outsource starts to crumble as Surrey pull out

Good news!

We’ve been highly critical (“Stupid Sourcing” we called it) of the proposed West Midlands / Surrey "partnering" outsource, mainly because we felt the single supplier /partner strategy was flawed and chosen for all the wrong reasons (just to save procurement effort).

So, as a Surrey resident, I'm delighted that the Police Authority this morning decided to pull out of the process. Just wish I'd gone to their meeting, half an hour down the road in Guildford. The fuss round the Olympic Security is obviously one issue - G4S are one of the six shortlisted firms / consortia for the West Midlands / Surrey venture. But it also appears that most of the candidates for the Police Commissioner role in Surrey, to be elected later this year, are against the partnering as well.

So common sense rules, at the expense to the Surrey taxpayer of few hundred grand. My betting is that West Midlands will also announce the end of the road pretty soon - the cost for them of running the procurement has just increased, and it's hard to see how they can convince their residents this is such a great idea.

It would also be good to know also just how much of the drive behind this came from the Home Office? I sense there's been more to their involvement than has met the eye to date...

And a personal Surrey Council Taxpayer's message to the Surrey Police Authority, please pass this on if you know any of them who voted in favour of this  - WE TOLD YOU THIS WAS A BAD IDEA FROM THE BEGINNING! READ SPEND MATTERS!


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  1. Final Furlong:

    An arresting sight to say the least. But what a cop out. Clearly they didn’t want to remain handcuffed to it. It would have been a crime had it gone ahead as they would have been robbed. Perhaps they should’ve detected it sooner.

  2. Sam Unkim:

    I tried outsourcing my Procurement function to my missus. Even got her a visa card so she could do E-commerce on my behalf.

    The CCJ will expire in 6 years and I will then be able to investigate alternatives to living in the back of the car.

    She didn’t really buy into the “risk transfer” part and is now supplying “back-office support” to some other poor mug.

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