Brexit is Coming! What Does Procurement Need to be Doing Now?

One fears that the reaction to any mention of Brexit today (in the UK at least) will either be a sigh or perhaps a diatribe, if the other party is one of those who felt passionately for or against.

However, anyone in a business management position must know just how important Brexit is, and perhaps procurement has a more central role and more important issues to face than any other business function. Of course, the Board are deeply interested and concerned, and sales / marketing teams, finance and others will face testing issues, but for many organisations, procurement and supply chain management is sitting at the heart of the matter, in terms of what may change assuming the UK does leave next the EU next March.

It is easy for those of us in the UK to forget that there are implications too for our friends in other European countries. As well as longer term effects that a Brexit might have on the EU, positive or negative, there is the more pressing matter of how firms that sell to or buy from the UK need to plan and look at the risks around Brexit.

So, while many have been pursuing a policy of “wait and see”, we are getting to the point where sitting back and doing nothing is not an option, for the vast majority of firms in the UK and many more widely at least. The key question is this. Given the continued uncertainty, what can, and should procurement executives be doing now to prepare? On that note, we’ve got a webinar in a couple of weeks to look at and discuss the key Brexit issues – or some of them at least, hopefully those most relevant to procurement.

Do join us on November 15th at 12 noon GMT for “Brexit is Coming - what does procurement need to be doing now?”, when I’ll be joined by Richard Hogg, UK MD for procurement software leaders Jaggaer and our special guest, Jeremy Smith, a Managing Partner at top procurement consulting firm 4C Associates. Jeremy spoke at the recent eWorld event – we reported on his session here – and is advising firms on Brexit issues as we speak. We'll also make sure we have time for audience questions - and perhaps some answers too!

There have been plenty of warnings about the dangers of a “no-deal” Brexit, and a few hopefully exaggerated prophets of doom around, but at a personal level, Brexit has the potential to make or break quite a few procurement careers. Don’t be caught out, having to say to the Board, “well, we really didn’t think that was going to happen”, or even “we didn’t realise we had so many critical suppliers in other countries”!

Hope you can join us on the 15th – and as always, even if you can’t make that time, we suggest you register here and then you will get immediate access to the “on-demand” webinar recording which you can contemplate at your leisure!

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  1. Michael Thornton:

    From a recruitment perspective we are seeing a big demand for contract management resources focused around commercial and supply chain risk analysis and then re-negotiations and variations.

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