Monday morning special – should we bring sex into the procurement process?

Changing gear completely from our last post on the very sad events in Thailand..

There are two companies I know of who in the last 12 months have had two things in common – they’ve gone through a period of crisis, and there have been sexual relationships within the firm that have caused significant internal morale and propriety issues, although in neither case has this become public.

Both firms survive, for now at least, and they would both be known to most readers. Unfortunately I’m not brave enough to risk being sued, so I won’t name them. Buy me a drink though...

But I’m thinking maybe we need a new standard PQQ question when we’re evaluating potential suppliers - along these lines:

“How many company employees (including other senior managers) have your senior management team slept with on average in the last 2 years”?

Then you could score the answers as part of the evaluation process (and remember, this is a per person average) ;

0-1          5 points

2              3 points

3              1 point

4+           Eliminated from competition

Joking aside, in one case, issues of dubious promotions and career moves, and treatment of non-favoured staff, led to a tangible effect on morale, staff retention and therefore individual and corporate performance in what is a “people business”.   I don’t know quite how you get at this when you’re choosing suppliers, and I hate to suggest requiring yet more information from bidders - “can we see your 'no sleeping with your staff' policy please”?

But if you ever wonder why a provider seems to have taken their eye off the ball (unfortunate phrase perhaps...) you can add this to your list of possible causes!

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  1. Final Furlong:

    You won’t believe the effort it took me not to comment further on this!

    Cheered me up on a Monday morning….

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