Brits music awards – the best ever?

I know it's not the weekend but I had to comment on last night's Brit (music) awards.

Imagine. You're a struggling young band, playing horribly unfashionable music and instruments. You get a support gig to a young female singer (Laura Marling actually) because you act as her backing band from time to time. In front of a few hundred people - the biggest thing you've ever done.  And noted music expert, Peter Smith, observes your performance, goes home and tells his wife, "there was this really good support band but they'll never sell any records, it was all banjos and double bass, folkie stuff.  I feel sorry for them, they'll struggle round the folk clubs for a few years then get proper jobs I expect".

Three years later you have sold a million CDs in the UK alone, you win a Grammy and a Brit and Bob Dylan asks if you will back him on Maggies' Farm at the Grammys with a TV audience of 100 million (5 minutes into this video). Absolutely amazing.

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - See video of the biggest web video personalities.

And Arcade Fire won! And Laura Marling beat Cheryl Cole! (My two favourite albums of 2010 - that's Arcade Fire and Marling, not Ms Cole).  All praise to the patron saint of music and the Brit award judges...

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