Bubba blubbed – a tactic for procurement negotiations?

Look, it’s just that price increases really upset me.. I mean, we’ve had a great relationship all these years you’ve supplied us.

I know, raw material prices have gone up but, (sniff), I’m sorry it just really upsets me... no, I’ll be OK, really, I just, oh I just get a bit emotional, .. sorry, I’ll be OK in a minute.. Actually, have you got a tissue? Thanks.

Oh, this is my Mum. Mum, this is Jim, he’s one of my favourite suppliers.

Mum, they want to push through a price increase. I know! I know I shouldn’t take it personally. But.. oh Mum, can I have a hug? (Sobs). Sorry, sorry.

What? You’ll delay it for a few months? Jim, are you sure? Oh thanks. Thanks so much. Yes, I’m sure Mum will give you a hug too....

Well, it seems like it is now acceptable, whatever Robert Smith says, for boys to cry. Bubba Watson blubbed like a baby on winning the Masters golf last night, crying on his Mom’s shoulder. None of that good old stiff upper lip thing.

(To digress, I had an instinct about Oosthuizen from early on in the tournament, and invested a small amount on Betfair – that miracle shot from Bubba to win therefore lost me almost £400. But I thought Bubba deserved it actually, he played better overall than Oosthuizen).

Anyway, if it is acceptable these days for men to show that we’re in touch with our emotions, what does that mean for potential negotiation strategies? Can we use emotion more overly? And what about women – it’s generally been a no-no for women in business to show vulnerability, but if it’s OK for the boys to have a bit of a weep from time to time..?

I speak as someone who can get surprisingly emotional watching the auditions for American Idol. Yet I’ve always assumed that was something you kept well away from the office. But now – are things changing?

Finally - coudln't resist.

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  1. Rajat Mitra:

    Hi Peter,

    ‘that miracle shot from Bubba to win therefore lost me almost £400.’

    I’m assuming (and if I’m wrong I whole heartedly apologise) the £400 would have been your potential ‘winnings’, not what you actually lost. Probably more ‘opportunity cost’ loss versus actual ‘savings’ loss. More of a case of reporting cost avoidance than savings that we in procurment need to be so careful about…..!!

    I do enjoy your blog though…..

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