The budget – anything else for procurement to note?


I've looked through the budget document and the Plan for Growth report published at the same time. Other than the points we made at the time (see here), there is nothing else new, or expanded upon from the speech, that I can spot of interest to procurement. And although the growth report makes some reference to SMEs, Contracts Finder and such recently announced procurement initiatives, it is generally news re-presented rather than new ideas in the procurement space (not surprising given the 'old' initiatives are still pretty new).

I've spotted one interesting point in that growth report with regard to the SME selling to Government agenda; we're running a series of posts next week on that topic, with some fascinating data, so I will save that for then!

How did the budget look in the light of my recent rant about the difficulty of employing staff as a small business? Well, on the positive side, we get a three year exemption from any new regulations; but only from new regulations, not the whole host of existing ones. (Except for the decision to 'not extend the right to request time to train to businesses with less than 250 employees'). Not much else - other than those things around opening up Govermnment contracts - of relevance to SMEs.

So from a personal point of view, I'm afraid it doesn't look like we'll be recruiting anytime soon. Still too much risk.

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