Building a Business Case for Transforming Category Management Performance


We’ve written extensively about the Future Purchasing Category Management survey and report, and the firm behind it are now running two full-day “masterclass” workshops on the topic titled “Building a Business Case for Transforming Category Management Performance”. They sound very useful for procurement organisations at different stages of their CatMan journey, but who share the desire to improve performance - and deliver greater benefits of course.

The first is in London on June 20th; the second in Amsterdam on June 27th and you can book via those links.

It’s not “just” a masterclass actually, having looked at the material. It is really a unique combination of valuable IP, an element of personalised consulting and coaching from the Future Purchasing team, plus an interactive workshop. As such, for the price of about 1 day of a junior big firm consultant, it will I’m sure be excellent value.

The thrust is to work with delegates to help them build a business case and plan to improve CatMan performance. “You will create a personalised business case and improvement plan for category management that has a realistic financial return on investment (ROI), based on your inputs and available benchmark ROI data”.

There will be break-out sessions to dig into detail for every individual and a one-hour personal telephone follow-up. Indeed, the list of deliverables for participants in pretty impressive. As Future Purchasing says;

Participants to the workshop will receive the following benefits:

  • Personal benchmark of your organisation’s category management maturity based on our recent FP Category Management Leadership Report 2016-17
  • Evaluation of your organisation’s category management capability against FP’s top 19 category management critical success factors
  • Outline category management business case and improvement plan for your organisation
  • Indicative return on investment by implementing your business case or improvement plan
  • Clear next steps to finalise your business case
  • Follow up 1 hour tele-coaching session to discuss progress on your business case and improvement plan

The Future Purchasing CatMan report identifies big differences between the best performers and “the rest” in terms of obtaining value from category management. Moving up that capability curve can generate significant benefits – hard savings and other value. Do take a look at these events – we’re sure they will be very worthwhile.

And, in case you have missed it up to now, you can now request the whole report here. There is also a recording of a webinar we at Spend Matters Europe did recently with Future Purchasing available for listening via this link – titled “Collaborating for Category Management Success - Bridging the Performance and Value Gap”.  

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