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…and thank you so much for all of your advice and congratulations so far!

Oh, the wedding dress. I didn’t think I’d spend what I spent. But before we get to that, here’s some background:

I was going to get some minor alterations (shortening to cocktail length and then cutting the sleeves off) to my grandmother’s gorgeous lace wedding dress from 1955, get it professionally cleaned, and be done with it. After some research, I found a shop that specializes in refurbishing vintage dresses (Silver Moon Vintage – they were amazing). They said they could do the slicing and dicing I wanted for $179 and that a thorough professional cleaning would set me back around $300. Not bad.

…but then I went “real” dress shopping. I thought I’d try it because every bride should get a champagne-soaked day where her bridesmaids oooh and ahh, right? Our first stop was BHLDN (that’s “beholden” for those who prefer vowels in their words), a bridal boutique associated with the Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters conglomerate. Their dresses were pretty. REAL pretty. And expensive. Expensive at the level that if I were to buy one, it would be a full quarter of our current wedding budget – and that’s before tax and alterations. But trying on “real” wedding dresses made me realize that I needed one of my own, and that while beautiful, my grandmother’s dress wasn’t the one for me.

Read about the rest of my dress hunting adventure on Spend Matters US!

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