“Buying Professional Services” – it’s real!

Having been away at the CIPS meeting I wrote about, we found a 'while you were out ' card on the mat when we got home.  A parcel had been left with our next door neighbours.

On collecting it, discovered it was the first  15 copies of my co-authored book.  Very exciting.. a real book, with pages, and a cover and an index and...words! ....and diagrams!

Since I first wrote humorous (well, I thought they were funny) sketches in the sixth form and at University, I have always wanted to be  proper published author, so it is a bit of a landmark (although I'm also very much looking ahead to the next book or two...).

The book as I mentioned here is "Buying Professional Services - How to get value for money from consultants and other professional services providers” and it is published by Economist Books (and my co-author is Fiona Czerniawska) .

Professional Services is one of the fastest growing category spend areas for many organisations, and one that procurement has often struggled to get to grips with.  Indeed, some of the providers and budget holders we interviewed were still of the view that procurement contributes little in this field.  But our view is firmly that procurement can and should  play a key role; but procurement people have to recognise that this is a complex and challenging category area, and "it is not like buying widgets / pencils / spanners" as more than one person said to us.

So the book aims to help procurement people understand that, and provides some tools and ways of thinking that may be useful in this specific area.  We hope it might also help providers understand how procurement can add value, and make them more understanding of the role procurement folk play.

It is also available on Amazon at an amazing pre-publication price (the publisher doesn't understand why they're discounting it so much - must be a prospective best seller???)

Anyway, I will no doubt come back to this later....

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