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I've been a little superstitious about this up to now, not wanting to mention it until it was absolutely certain.

But given it is now literally at the printers, I'm pleased to say that my first book, co-authored with Fiona Czerniawska, will be published in late June.  "Buying Professional Services" is about...well, buying professional services.  "How to get value from consultants and other professional services providers" is the sub-title; it is focused mainly on buying consulting, legal and audit services but also is relevant to procurement of contingent labour, and other 'knowledge service' type categories.

Fiona is  a leading commentator on the consulting industry, and the managing director of Source (, which provides information about the management consulting market.  (A very interesting website incidentally...) She spent more than 15 years as a management consultant, and now speaks, lectures and writes extensively on the consulting industry and related issues.  She has written other books, which was very helpful for me as a novice, and hopefully we have combined her knowledge of the industry with my procurement experience.  It is being published by The Economist Books, which means it gets pretty wide international distribution as well.

The book is aimed at procurement people, professional services providers (who need to understand how their services will increasingly be bought by or through professional procurement staff), and senior budget holders, CFOs etc.

I'm sure I'll say more about over the next weeks, but here is an Amazon link for now.

Excellent value, and I have no idea why they are offering such a big that a good sign or a bad sign??

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