Cabinet Office launches savings video on YouTube

Here's a video showing the savings made by the UK Government through efficiency measures (including procurement), as claimed by the Cabinet Office.

It's an admirable attempt to communicate in a different manner from the usual government press releases. It's put over clearly - treading the fine dividing line between getting too technical for a non-specialist audience, whilst not coming over as condescending or simplistic. Good stuff.

There also seems to be a desire to be honest, so for instance, it is made clear that the savings in staff costs don't take into account the cost of redundancies and pay-offs.

And are they the dulcet tones of my friend Carl doing the voice-over...??

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  1. David Atkinson:

    Excellent method of communicating savings. I can see many a CPO attempting to replicate this for their own businesses.

  2. Christine Morton:

    Gosh, hasn’t this come a long way from Carl’s video in Bath of “See Dave.” Remember? Alex R. with the video cameras given to each team?

  3. Christine Morton:

    Definitely Carl. Hi Carl!

  4. Final Furlong:

    Peter, did I miss something obvious, like a recent ERG communication?

    I thought that the in-year savings secured by the negotiations with top suppliers to government were over £800m (not the £437m, as stated in the above animation).

    Also, I’d read, well, everywhere, that Collington had single-handedly saved the £5billion, but the animation stated that his herculean efforts have been downgraded to £900m (at best).

    As I say, something obvious….

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