Cabinet Office procurement supremo latest

Supply Management reported that the new 'Chief Procurement Officer' for UK central government procurement will combine the head of Buying Solutions role and the centralising initiative currently led by John Collington.

We now understand that this role will be at SCS 3 (Director General) level; more senior than existing Commercial Directors around Government or the 'old OGC' Directors for instance.  But why is that important?

Because it suggests the likely scope of the role; so if it is SCS 3 it may well encompass all the areas of procurement interest in Cabinet Office including the 'top suppliers' initiative for instance. And being positioned in that way may mean that both the obvious candidates and some other strong people might emerge, attracted by what would then be the most senior procurement role in Government*.

We'll see... the outcome may be surprising.. but then again it may not..**

* same level as MOD Commercial Director, Andrew Manley actually

** journalist-speak for 'I have no idea what's going to happen'!

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