Cabinet Office – Procurement Policy Note on changes to EU directives

The EU is going through a consultation on the procurement regulations.

No, don’t go! Please! It’s more interesting than you think - and it's only a short post!

The UK response to the EU Green Paper on modernising the public procurement rules has been sent to the European Commission, and published on the Cabinet Office website. Following that, last week the Cabinet Office published a “Procurement Policy note” (just like the good old days of OGC).

It outlines the highlights of what the UK Government has suggested to the EU in terms of changes. The Policy note then suggests that public procurement staff may get the chance to lobby for these changes in some way.

The Government will be actively influencing the Commission, other EU Member States and the European Parliament in the run up to the publication of the Commission’s proposals for revised and updated directives. The Government invites you to help maximise our influence through any engagement you may have with these bodies and other stakeholders.

So if I bump into Jose Manual Barroso down the Royal Standard (on the Frimley Road) I could mention it. I guess it is a nice inclusive gesture from Francis Maude to involve the whole profession  - but it does of course assume that everyone in public procurement agrees with the changes the UK is suggesting. Personally, as you'll see from our future posts on the topic, I'd certianly be cautious in one area in terms of the UK proposed changes...

I haven’t written much about all this up to now owing to a degree of cynicism about how long these things take – last time it was 10 years from consultation to changes in the law. But there seems to be a desire to move a little faster this time, so perhaps things will happen before I collect my pension. So we’ll come back to this shortly and look at the UK ideas in more detail. And it is interesting! Really.....

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