Cabinet Office publish latest “procurement pipeline” (future contract opportunities)

The UK Cabinet Office last week published the latest contracts “pipeline” giving a forward look at the upcoming opportunities for suppliers to the public sector.

“As part of its industrial strategy, the Government will share more details of future projects and contracts transparently with industry to stimulate growth and help businesses forward plan, Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude announced today.  Four new industry sectors added to the procurement pipelines increase the value of published opportunities to up to £84 billion”.

The four new sectors included are professional services, financial services, waste management, and fire services. The biggest single category is Construction with some £30 billion worth of future opportunities. Other major areas within that total  include Information and Communication technologies , Financial, Clinical and Medical, and  Professional Services.

I know some folk in Cabinet Office genuinely see this as a really important and worthwhile tool for suppliers and something that you could even say is a boost to economic growth. The argument goes that if firms can see the potential work that is coming up, they are more likely to invest, or perhaps take on staff. If you look at it through that positive perspective, it’s undoubtedly a good thing.

However, with a more cynical lens, we might argue that knowing that the Government Procurement Service are planning to let a ConsultancyOne framework in 2016 – that is, the renewal of the 3 year contract that is currently working through a long and tortuous procurement process – is hardly noteworthy. So the impressive figure of  £84 Billion quoted by Francis Maude is exaggerated in terms of what is really interesting and useful to the market.

But let’s be positive – I suspect in some sectors this is worth doing and must help to some extent. It is interesting to see where DfID might spend their money in terms of international development type contracts, for instance, and the information in the construction sector is valued, so let’s congratulate Cabinet Office for at least attempting to do something useful here.

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  1. On the Sidelines:

    Peter I would suggest that this is simply a case of “more is less” – GPS trumpet blowing with their feet sinking in to quicksand. The headline category spend figures are probably there or thereabouts. Funneling all that spend through Frameworks that departments are willing to use is something very very different. Oh and why is there a “pause” sine die on IT Frameworks? Answer – take a look at Cloudstore and Framework RM 1557/ii on the GPS website.

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