Cabinet Office Structural Reform Plan – huge implications for public procurement?

Hot off the Cabinet Office website - the Structural Reform Plan.

Very interesting stuff, blog material for the next month here I think,  and kudos to the coalition for having the guts to make public what is an incredibly challenging list of tasks with even more challenging timescales.  A hostage to fortune of course - a ready made list of potential failures if you're a pessimist; but a great list of successes if they can pull it off!

I'll have a closer look at this and no doubt come back to it, but there's some strong procurement objectives there. 4.1 is very interesting in that it suggest that central procurement is not only going to cover 'items'  (presumably stationery and so on that we've heard about) but also major 'projects'?

I wasn't aware of that, and it brings huge issues of accountability I would have thought. I can just see the Perm Sec in a coupe of years time,

"Well of course Minister, this huge IT systems failure was nothing to do with me.  The contract was let by the Cabinet Office, we were never happy with it..."

PS is this the first offical government document ever to include the term "skunk works team"?

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