Calling All Metal Buyers: New Monthly Outlook

metal reportOur sister site, MetalMiner,  is our digital multimedia resource for metal-buying organisations and provides sourcing and trading intelligence for Global Metals Markets. It identifies metal market trends and price direction, provides daily metal market analysis and commentary, and offers insight and strategies to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Sounds like snooze material  (certainly if you're not into metals)? – not for our team: they are the kind of people who are kept awake at night by key market drivers, thinking about ways manufacturers can save money (or avoid spending it unnecessarily) on their metal purchases. So, if you’re in the metal buying business, there’s no better place, or people, to put your trust in for on-the-ball, timely, essential reading.

This month, our experts (known for sourcing, purchasing and hedging physical metals for some of the world’s largest manufacturers) have published a new report “MetalMiner™ Metal Price Forecasting: Monthly Outlook” – it gives a 30-day price outlook supported by a detailed description of the fundamental and technical factors currently driving prices. And it’s absolutely free this month, so get in quickly because paid subscription (albeit very competitive) starts in August. Whether local metal manufacturer or multi-national buying organisation, you will find up-to-date research and price trends to help influence your buying decisions.

Founder/Executive Editor, MetalMiner, Lisa Reisman, commented: “This forecast is based on a methodology we developed for some of the largest metal buying organizations in the world. We have used all the tools at our disposal and distilled all that information into simple 1-page reports for each of the metals we cover and plan to offer it at a price our competitors can’t touch. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for research on pricing and sourcing metals, including alloys, hybrids and the materials that make up those metals.”

The report covers: medium- and short-term metal industry trend analysis, insights from an extensive list of industry contacts and proprietary price data, graphs identifying and analysing all the technical and fundamental factors driving price, and monthly industrial buying strategies (tailored for the  manufacturer).

Get your free copy here.

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