Canny news pet! Bringing manufacturing home…

The Times reports today that organisations are moving production back to the UK because of higher freight costs and poor quality experienced offshore.

This is of course bad news for the many consultants who have done well out of advising procurement and other business people about the strange customs of far-away manufacturing locations.

But perhaps they just have to look at developing some new material - as manufacturing moves back to the UKs industrial heartlands, will we see Chief Executives educated in how to eat a Stottie Cake in the appropriate manner?  Procurement Directors instructed about the fierce tribal rivalries between the Mackems and the Magpies?   HR staff taught a few basic words of Geordie; in particular, the 17 different meanings of the word  "canny" depending on precise intonation and context?

I see a new business opportunity coming on....

Peter Smith

ps I was born and brought up in the North -East,  so in all seriousness, i would be delighted if we see manufacturers flocking back there....

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