A career in envelope procurement

My daughter finished her final exams at University last week. Now we wait for results and she can then see if it's feasible to pursue another academic qualification, which is what she wants to do.

And that's great, but I've notably failed over the years to interest her in becoming;

  • a trainee on a great graduate scheme such as Mars
  • a procurement professional
  • a management consultant
  • a civil servant
  • an investment banker

In other words all the things I've done or thought of doing. It all sounds 'boring' to her - even though I've tried to explain that almost anything is interesting once you really get into it.  As an example, I tell her of my visit to a carpet tile factory in Yorkshire some 15 years ago. I wasn't looking forward to it - but it turned out to be an absolutely fascinating manufacturing process, with severally different stages and some  really clever technology in there.

So when a friend sent me this advert, and after we'd had a bit of a chuckle ('well, it's one step up from being the paperclips buyer'), I remembered my carpet tiles. I also remembered that I was once in charge of the UK's sixth largest envelope production facility - NatWest manufactured their own, and it fell under the supply chain part of my 'empire' as CPO, until I closed it down.

So even envelopes can be fascinating. There's still a market to understand,  issues no doubt of tactical versus strategic supplier approaches; on versus offshore supply; interesting negotiation challenges in a pretty tough sector; timber and pulp futures and hedging to consider.. and £65K plus bonus isn't a bad salary actually. In fact, the more I think about it...

Dear sir,

I'm interested in the role you advertised in Print Week. I've been in procurement for over 25 years with a continuing keen interest in stationery and envelopes in particular....

ps There's an even better job here!

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