“Career limiting” job opportunities with Spend Matters….

Here in its entirety is the first part of a post Jason published on Friday.

Well, maybe it won't limit your career, but we can't make any promises. Regardless, Spend Matters has grown from a part-time hobby to a formal organization planning to double in size this year. Right now, we're three sites: Spend Matters, Spend Matters UK/Europe, and MetalMiner. And we're focused entirely on executing a plan to build a new type of media and research business. Our Chicago World HQ has four employees (Lisa, Sheena, Taras and Jason). Our fearless VP of Business Development William Busch is in Philadelphia, and Peter Smith and Stuart Burns round out the global team by heading the UK side of things. In the coming months, we're looking to add additional talent to our core team, filling the following roles:

He goes on to desribe the roles; Lead Analyst, Business Writer and Healthcare Editor.  In terms of the first two of those, there may be potential for someone based this side of the Atlantic. If you're interested, read the rest of the post here, then follow the instructions. And please feel free to contact me (psmith@spendmatters.com) if you want to know off the record what Jason is like to work with (it's mainly good)!

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