The Category Management Advent Calendar – But No Chocolate

We’re going to make you panic now by pointing out that we are halfway through advent. Yes, Christmas is only 12 days away! And you haven’t been out to the woods to hunt and shoot your turkey yet, have you? Let alone dig out that lovely 10-foot conifer at midnight when the foresters are asleep – ah, I remember the good old days of my childhood!

Anyway, back to Advent. And Alison Ford-Langstaff of Future Purchasing has been running a very nice series on their website with a different Advent Calendar Window every day, covering one result a day form the Category Management survey (that we’ve told you a lot about over the past few months).

For instance, window number nine says:

“Only 38% of organisations have a well structured competency framework detailing the skills required for category management.

Using a well-structured competency framework detailing the skills required for category management is a Top 10 driver of category management performance and organisational performance. Leaders have clearly identified the need to include category-management-specific skills in their competency framework, with 68% indicating that this has been achieved. By HUGE contrast only 26% of Followers (nearly ¾ of responding organisations) indicated that their competency framework detailed the skills required for category management. 45% of Followers actively disagreed, as did 22% of Leaders”.

As well as this info from the survey, she also gives a “New Year’s Resolution” related to the point, with some useful thoughts that can contribute towards improved CatMan performance. It’s well worth taking a look at the daily series, but I have to report (with some disappointment) that there are NO free chocolates involved.

However, Alison has also written a procurement version of the Twelve Days of Christmas! For example:

On the fourth day of Christmas, my CPO sent to me
Four calling salesmen
Three fresh buyers
Two tepid deals
And a purchase order for a pear tree

Very good – we expect to hear that sung at all procurement departmental Christmas parties this week!

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