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Future Purchasing is not only one of the leading specialist procurement consulting firms in the UK, they made it into the Spend Matters '50 to Watch’ list this year. That was to a large extent based on their expertise in the field of category management, in which they have developed capability and intellectual property as strong as any advisory firm in the world, we believe. They’re also admirable in the manner in which they share their IP very freely, with a host of worthwhile material made available via their website.

Last  year, they ran a Category Management survey, which has provided much interesting material for the firm and for the practitioners who read the analysis and reports that were produced from it. And they’ve recently launched their 2014 survey.

Mark Webb, MD at Future Purchasing said:

 “The 15 minute multiple choice questionnaire asks each participant about the current state of Category Management in their organisation, including processes, skills, leadership, implementation and results delivery..... Each participant will get a free report of the survey findings in June”.

 “When we analysed our Category Management research two years ago, we were surprised at the scale of opportunity ...  We want more companies to get the benefits that Category Management Leaders achieve, and we want the 2014 research results to be the definitive reference and practical guide for Category Management”.

So you can link to the survey here, and we think it is well worth 15 minutes of your time if you have any interest in the topic. And you can still get hold of a copy of the last survey report here.

It seems to us that Category Management is at an interesting point in its evolution. It’s not going to disappear as a core process for procurement, but many firms have gone through the first wave of activity, realised some benefits (but not always as much as they hoped), and are wondering what to do next.

We’ve also written extensively about market informed sourcing as we call it (optimisation, advanced  sourcing, whatever), a process based on relatively new technology, that we believe changes the fundamental parameters of category management and sourcing.  So it will be interesting to see how survey respondents are approaching CatMan given these opportunities and pressures.  And no doubt we’ll be featuring the output in the summer.

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